Art Digital

At Crooke and Laguna Dental clinic we offer you the opportunity to get an immediate and fixed smile with dental implants.

With our ART IMPLANT CROOKE system we have full control over dental implant placement in a SINGLE. EXACT, PREDICTABLE AND COMFORTABLE way.

Planning and diagnosis

Our center is equipped with the latest technology that allows us to digitize the entire treatment for an accurate diagnosis. At the same time, it allows the patient to see the result before it starts. We are able to treat 99% of our patients.

Taking pictures

3D oral scanner

Intraoral scanner

Computer Guided Surgery – Non-surgical Implants

Computer-guided implant surgery involves a virtual plan of the treatment to be performed.This is executed exactly in the patient’s mouth thanks to a surgical guide that indicates position, angulation and depth of the implants as previously planned in the computer.These functions of diagnosis, planning and implementation allow us to have full control of the treatment parameters.It is the fastest and most effective system for performing dental implants. With this technique, it is much faster and easier for the patient, who does not have to undergo a prolonged postoperative and that he/she sees in just 24 hours how normal life is restored without discomfort or scarring