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Testimonial abre anne-marie Anne Marie When I was handed the mirror I said... WOW! SEE MORE TESTIMONIALS home-en Specialists in dental implants

Your Dental Clinic In Málaga, Marbella y Churriana.

In Dental Clinic Crooke & Laguna we are experts in oral rehabilitation on teeth and implants. We work with various methods to improve aesthetics, from orthodontics to align teeth, to teeth whitening to brighten the smile, or porcelain veneers that correct defects in teeth and restore their anatomy. One of our main purposes is to achieve excellence in the final result and with it the satisfaction of our patients.

  • Experts in restorations using dental implants
  • Cosmetic veneers: Luminers, First Fit, Composite.
  • Navigated and guided implant surgery.
  • Zygomatic Implants
  • Bone regeneration
  • Specialized periodontics: gum grafts, regenerative surgery
  • Invisible and conventional orthodontics.
  • Digital Dentistry in all areas: 3StepSmiles
  • PRGF: Plasma Rich in Growth Factors.

Unique implant treatments that allow us to achieve FASTER AND SAFER SMILES.

Design your perfect smile and make it real in just 3 steps.

Gum care, regeneration treatments and grafts. Treatment plans for gingivitis and chronic periodontal disease.

Testimonials from other patients

Far and away the best dentists I've ever seen. I was treated like royalty from start to finish. I had nine implant and a full upper bridge done over the course of six months, using only zirconium, no metal whatsoever. The work was impeccable and state of the art, using computer imaging, platelet rich plasma to promote healing, and the most nontoxic materials available. And the cost was a fraction of what it would have been in the US. I recommend Crooke and Laguna without reservation!read more
Virginia is very helpful. Location is very convenient in malaga city centre. The whole clinic provides high standard quality service. Reception and Dentists all speak more
Mario Hongzhen Fu
Mario Hongzhen Fu
12:36 03 Oct 19
I had an implant with them In Malaga. It's obviously a very well equipped surgery that specializes in implants, amongst other things. I can totally recommend this dentist. The staff was very helpful, spoke very good English. It was about the best experience I have ever had with a more
Julian Isaacs
Julian Isaacs
19:05 29 Feb 20
Look no further, very professional and reassuring plus they speak Excellent English.Was a tad wary to start with,but once I met them at the free consultation,I was put totally at ease.Explained everything in detail as to the best way forward for me and my treatment after viewing my teeth and jaw bones on a 3D X-ray,very thorough indeed.I've started my treatment now (two implants)Totally pain free, amazing.What was also amazing was the fact I was always in contact with Virginia who works there more as a consultant I would say.She organized everything for me from the start,and any questions or concerns I had, Virginia would get back to me and reassure me,wether by message or visits to the Clinic,nothing was ever too much trouble for her, can't thank her enough.In fact the whole set up there is fabulous and friendly and so glad I decided to have treatment there.Thank you Crooke & Laguna. more
Bobby Stryjek
Bobby Stryjek
22:43 23 Jan 20
I recently visited this Clinic for a Consultation.I had organised through Whattsapp.with the lovely & very efficient Tula.I also met the professional Patient co ordinator Virginia,she explained everything in detail as regards the whole process.Treatment was spread over 2/3 appointments ,I was very impressed with the Professionalism & total attitude of the Staff.Dr Felix carried out all the major repair work .A very conscientious young man indeed ,i am delighted with the result as it was something I put off for too long to be honest.i would highly recommend this Clinic to anyone requiring dental work.its easily accessible while holidaying in any of the local more
Marteenjudeo C
Marteenjudeo C
20:09 18 Sep 19

At your Dental Clinic Crooke & Laguna Malaga you will always be in the best hands. As you already know, we have a long and extensive history of more than 25 years in the world of dentistry and oral health.

Dental Implants Málaga
At Crooke Laguna, we are true experts in dental implantology treatments. Discover the best solutions for the lack of dental pieces only in Crooke & Laguna Dental Clinic.

We have solutions for all the cases: From single implants, implants of 2 or 3 dental pieces, fixed prostheses on implants or removable prostheses.

Dental specialists
Finally, it is very important to highlight that Dr. Eduardo Crooke and Dr. Rosa Gómez Laguna are expert dentists in dental implants for boneless areas such as our zygomatic implants or short implants, as well as the use of the best computer-guided oral surgery.

Orthodontics Málaga
If you have misaligned teeth and an incorrect bite we have all kinds of orthodontic treatments available only at Crooke and Laguna Malaga. With this treatment you will get better oral health and recover your smile until it gets perfect. We have a variety of options to obtain the best result, always in search of excellence.

Check our aesthetic or metallic brackets or models made of sapphire.

Dental Aesthetics
The smile is a fundamental part of our image. It is very normal for people to look at their mouths during a talk, and a careful smile can positively influence the person in front of us. The smile can be especially important in some professions.

As a solution to any problem of dental aesthetics we have treatments such as porcelain veneers, composite. We also offer the best teeth whitening treatments or our CAD / CAM system, with which we can design your dental pieces with more than perfect accuracy.

Invisalign Malaga or Invisible Orthodontics is undoubtedly the most requested orthodontic treatment today. As its name suggests it is a process practically imperceptible to the human eye, so they will not know that you have a device in your mouth.

In addition, it is very comfortable to wear and you can remove it easily every time you have to brush your daily oral hygiene.

This kind of specialty within Dentistry refers to the problems or diseases related to our gums, such as gingivitis or periodontitis. It is one of the most important specialties since the health of the gum interferes with the health of the bone.

If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth or even when eating, it is an unequivocal symptom that you suffer from gingivitis, so it is necessary to put yourself as soon as possible in the hands of a professional, like our Malaga dentists.

More about Dental Clinic Málaga Crooke & Laguna
In order to diagnose our patients in the best possible way, we also have the most innovative and advanced equipment to make it available to you. Look at all the treatments we have to offer you in our Malaga Dental Clinic.

Crooke & Laguna, we are a team of Malaga Dentists whose main objective is the satisfaction of our patients and the search for excellence in the final result.

We have a patient care department, in which we offer facilities to finance your dental treatments, with rates always adapted to the price and qualities with guarantee. At Clínica Dental de Málaga, we can also offer you fractional payments, since we have agreements with various financial companies to always offer you the best possible conditions to pay for your dental health treatments.

Thanks to our excellent interdisciplinary team of Dentist professionals you will always be in the best hands.

We always bet on the highest quality of each and every one of our treatments. The dental health of your family and yours could not be in better hands because our top priority is the happiness of all our clients.

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