3 Step Smiles

The 3Step Smile methodology has been develop over many years of research and development with the experience of all of our specialist dentists and our prosthetic team. Together with state of the art technology and trained in the latest techniques in dentistry, we are able to apply it to our dental implant, cosmetic and orthodontic treatments. It achieves better and faster results for our patients as we take full control and digitalise the whole process. All of our treatments start with the smile design phase where we involve the patient in deciding the look of the smile to guarantee satisfaction. This methodology has also help to take control over the cost of production and reduce the amount of visits to clinic allowing to safe money in highly quality dental treatments.

3 Step Implants

After the initial diagnosis and the smile design on first visit, we continue working by preparing for surgery designing a guide that we will use to place the dental implants. This state of the art software will help us to be more accurate as we reduce considerably the errors in depth and angle and reduce invasiveness to the minimum as well as increasing the aesthetic result. The prosthetic team also get to work by reproducing in the lab an exact replica of your desired smile in a very light material called PMMA so that we are able to place it fixed on your dental implants as soon as we finish surgery. This will be your provisional smile and together with surgery, it will take place on your second visit.

Finally after 3 months of healing, your dental implants will be checked and your final smile placed. This teeth would have been designed and developed with modified and personalised materials to increase durability, strenght and natural look.

3 Step Aesthetics

All 3StepSmile dental procedures start with a full diagnosis and the smile design process. We use a variety of techniques to bring back the desired smile. From teeth whitening to crowns over teeth, we can conserve your dental pieces and at the same time guarantee the smile exactly as you wanted. Thanks to the state of the art technology in the lab we can design a tray that will allow us to place up to 10 veneers at once in one arch, This make it possible to have a smile makeover in just one visit.

3 Step Aligners

After the diagnosis and the design of your new smile a set of aligners will be designed specially for you to achieve the desired smile together with clinical check once a month to guarantee the process is working. This sequence is totally invisible which makes the process and the results aesthetically better. Personalised retainers will also be designed at the end of the treatment to maintain your teeth aligned.