At Crooke & Laguna we have taken a step further in digitizing our consultations, incorporating the latest technology in our clinic. We have been digitalizing crowns for 5 years now, and have incorporated an intraoral scanner for the treatment of implants and invisible orthodontics. This gives us many advantages from the time of planning to the final prosthesis.

We can emphasize the following advances:

– High RELIABILITY: we link a radiological scan with a three-dimensional image of the patient’s mouth for  more accuracy  and to prevent nerve injury or maxillary sinuses.

crooke laguna 3.0











– COMFORT: taking measurements to perform a prosthesis on implants is done digitally which saves silicone, as it is often extremely annoying for the patient. This increases not only comfort, but also reliability of the print, because it enables  us to access a saved file in the future. This is extended to taking measurements for studies of invisible orthodontics, improving comfort and precision, as well as prosthesis on teeth.

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PRECISION: Thanks to our digital files, we are able to create virtual models on which the teeth will be made. Thus, we avoid metal castings that can result in imbalances of the prosthesis and future problems with the implant.








In order to carry out all this, we will have to select the cases and sort them, to decide whether we need carry out a fully digital workflow (Digital System 3.0) or mainly use one of the links in the process. Little by little, we are modernizing our working technique to offer our patients the best quality and comfort, always with the aim that our treatment is durable in time. As for the Digital System 3.0 ,it includes the whole process of digitization of the consultation, starting with the initial study of the patient, as well as digitized orthodontics and ending with the placement of implants and prostheses. The process represent a whole revolution incorporating the best technology into our clinic.