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Welcome to Crooke Churriana Dental Clinic, you can rest assured, you are in the best hands. We have a career of 25 years in the profession. We have achieved it with several resources. Training is fundamental, we keep up to date both the doctors and our auxiliary team. We love our profession and that is reflected in the work.

Another resource is the investment in new technologies to offer the best to our patients and be updated. And of course, the trust that our patients have placed in us is fundamental, without them we would not be here. At Crooke Churriana Dental Clinic we have an interdisciplinary team of professionals, experts in dental implants, periodontics, dental aesthetics and orthodontics.

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Dr. Eduardo Crooke Glez. de Aguilar
Dr. Eduardo Crooke Glez. de AguilarImplantes dentales, prótesis y estética
Dra. María González Orta
Dra. María González OrtaOrtodoncia
Carmen Rueda
Carmen RuedaAtención al paciente y auxiliar
Mercedes Ramos
Mercedes RamosHigienista
EstelaAtención al paciente

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