Today it is not impossible for anyone to have
dental implants due to lack of bone.

At Crooke & Laguna we often see aesthetic problems in patients with dental implants due to improper treatment planning among other things. When we restore teeth with dental implants, we must consider whether we need to increase the volume or the height of the tissues in the treatment area. Sometimes you have to increase hard tissue (bone) to place dental implants in a good position, at other times only soft tissue (gingiva) is required for proper aesthetics and long term stability of the implant, and sometimes both are needed.

From our clinic we want to warn you against misplaced or poorly planned dental implants, which can lead to serious aesthetic problems (such as the patient in Figure 1), which can be difficult to solve later, as in most cases you may have to remove the misplaced implant and regenerate the tissue before correctly placing the new implant.

In bone regeneration we can use donor areas from the patient’s own mouth.


Today, thanks to the advanced techniques and developments in bone regeneration it is almost impossible for anyone not be a candidate for dental implants, even when suffering from bone loss. Also, it is no longer necessary to use more invasive donor sites like before such as the tibia, hip or skull. We can now use discreet areas inside the patient’s mouth, being much less traumatic for the patient and it can be performed at the dental clinic. For longer or more complex surgery, this can be performed under conscious sedation with the help of an anesthetist, which makes it much more comfortable for the patient.

In Crooke & Laguna we are a fully trained dental team, fully prepared to deal with all cases and working in combination with high-end dental laboratories to achieve excellent aesthetics. Make sure you put your mouth in good hands.