Slide Full mouth reconstruction

All On 4

Complete oral restoration for patients with low bone density

  • The inclination of two of the 4 implants allow greater stability.
  • This treatment will be done under the doctor’s recommendation according to the patient’s bone characteristics.
  • The teeth are made of peek composite, a high-quality and lighter material.
  • Implant placement with navigated surgery: minimally invasive and much more precise.
  • Fixed provisional teeth from the day of surgery.
  • Digitized treatment, only 3 clinic appointments.

Oral rehabilitation

They are implant-retained and implant-supported, they do not exert pressure on the gum. It is more comfortable for the patient, although in cases of large resorption it is sometimes valued to perform a removable structure to facilitate hygiene by the patient.

Reh. Metal – Porcelain

This treatment consists of the placement of 6 to 10 implants, both for the upper and lower arches (ALL ON SIX / ALL ON SIX PLUS). In this way, the definitive prosthesis, when possible, will be done in sections to reduce tensions and improve the distribution of forces. This prosthesis will be performed:

  • By system (CAD / CAM) with an internal structure of titanium or zirconium.
  • Made in three sections to avoid possible tensions.
  • Covered all by porcelain, which has the advantage of not dyeing over time, less wear of the prosthesis, greater aesthetics and greater biocompatibility (that is, soft tissues tolerate this material better than resin).
Reh. Metal – Resin structure

This treatment consists of the placement of at least 6 implants on the upper arch and at least 4 on the lower arch (ALL ON FOUR / ALL ON FOUR PLUS)

The prosthesis is made with an internal structure of titanium and with resin teeth. The advantage it has, is that it needs fewer implants. It is more indicated in the mandible than in the upper jaw. As it has pink gum, it is reserved for cases in which the gum is not shown when smiling.