Guided Dental Implant Surgery


Guided Surgery

This planning tool allows to place the implants virtually using a computer.

To do this, we perform a radiographic study using an oral scanner, which allows us to obtain a three-dimensional image of the patient’s maxilla. By entering the study data into the computer, and thanks to the navigation software, reconstruction of two and three dimensions of the patient’s mouth is generated.

With this we can simulate the operation, which allows us to place the implants in the optimal position to achieve a perfect aesthetic and function.

computer guided implant surgery

Maximum Accuracy

The use of the latest technologies in terms of implantology, ensures that both patients with little bone and those who do not have any added disadvantage, can have their dental implants with total speed.

Simplicity for the Expert

It eliminates enormously the margin of human error making possible a greater security for both the implantologist and the patient.

Tranquility for the Patient

Linked to the above, the simplicity of the treatment is noticeable in the case of patients with little bone since previously a surgical splint is created.

Possibility of planning

Although it is true that planning is common in implantology, to date it has not been given all the characteristics to be taken into account for a treatment that is correct.

Speed ​​and Simplicity

At this point, simplicity will be one of the most common keys and will make services of this kind a point in favor for patients.

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