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X-Guide’s 3D Navigation

The industry-leading X-Guide® surgical system (from X-NAV Technologies, LLC) paired with Cone Beam 3D imaging allows your doctor to provide you with the most accurate implant surgery.

Our X-Guide system is designed to consistently elevate Precision and Control in your dental implant surgeries.

Interactive, turn-by-turn guidance gives you the ability to improve every movement of your handpiece during osteotomy and implant delivery for more exact implant placement –
like GPS for your drill.

X-Guide makes it easy to be exact by using impressive, patent-pending navigation technologies.

How It Works

Your surgeon will pre-plan the ideal implant location based on your unique anatomy using advanced software. During your surgery, your dentist will utilize a small, lightweight X-Clip in your mouth that matches to this digital plan with a specialized radiation-free camera system. During your procedure, your doctor has a 3D view of your anatomy including jawbone, soft tissue, surrounding teeth, as well as the digital treatment plan to follow. The X-Guide navigation technology provides your surgeon with turn-by-turn guidance along the surgical path, like a road map on your GPS. This is similar to the way medical neurosurgery has been done for many years.

X-Guide’s advanced technology allows your surgeon to make the most precise adjustments considering surrounding structures with greater accuracy for a better outcome with less pain.

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