Dr. Eduardo Crooke

Dr Eduardo Crooke Gonzalez de Aguilar


Dr. Eduardo Crooke followed  in the  footsteps of his father and qualified as a dentist from the prestigious  European University of Madrid and in implantology from the University of Göteborg , Sweden, specialising in this field exclusively since then to become a leading expert oral surgeon.

Dr Eduardo Crooke is a leading expert in implantology with an impeccable reputation both in Spain and the UK, dedicated with exclusivity to the field of implantology for more than 15 years.

He is the owner and founder of several clinics on the Costa del Sol, where all the dental procedures are carried out by a multiciplinary team with only the most experienced dentists in their own fields. Each dental clinic has a multilingual customer advisory team to attend patients in their own language.

These clinics are aimed to be centres of excellence offering state of the art equipment, customer service at its best and a point of reference nationally and internationally delivering to other dental practitioners training through Crooke Academy.


After graduating as a dentist in Madrid and in implantology in Sweden, Dr Eduardo Crooke has three masters in Guided Surgery, Osseous Grafts and Zigomatic Implants. He has also trained in the latest procedures, to mention some:

– “Rich Plasma Factor of Growth” delivered by BTI

– “Minimal Invasive Dentistry”, “Minimal dental carving” and “Guided Bone Regeneration”

– “Applications of Fox Diode Laser” by Fernando Gomez Ferrer

– “Oral implantology”

– “Snoring and sleep apnea” by BTI

– “Immediate loading”, “short implants” and “guided bone regeneration”

– “Zygomatic Implants” by Nobel BioCare

– “Accredited in veneers of feldspathic , zirconium, silicate and in First Fit and Lumineers techniques “

– “Accredited in different systems of aligners such as Invisalign, Alineadent, medicalfit and Ealigners

– “Digital printing and handling of intraoral scanners Cerec, 3 shape and Itero” 

– “Exclusive private practice dedicated in oral rehabilitation since 2005” 

– “Accredited in navigated surgery XGUIDE”

He is also an expert in BOPT technique (Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique), a procedure that improves dental preparation in the aesthetic area.

Dr Crooke comes from a family of dentists and his experiences start at a very early age.  He has been in practice for over 15 years and he is a consultant, lecturer and tutor.


Dr Eduardo Crooke uses leading implant manufacture companies and advanced surgical techniques to improve recovery time and comfort for the patience.

A.R.T (Atraumatic Restorative Treatment) is a technique that it is used at all Crooke clinics. It is a digital workflow of the whole treatment.  The patient can see real end results before surgery, bettering the communication between patience and doctor, allowing the patient to be involved on the decision process, leaving no room for error, achieving faster and more efficient results and designed to minimise tissue damage and therefore speed up the recovery process.

– The Benex Extraction system which is an Atraumatic Extraction Technique that is not only less painful than a normal extraction, it also helps to maintain the tooth socket and avoids structural changes in the other teeth.

– Platelet Rich Plasma by BTI. This is obtained from a blood sample of the patience. The plasma protein has high quality growth factors that help tissue regeneration.

– Sinus Lift Surgery, either vertical or horizontal, that adds bone to the jaw for patients with low bone density.

– Fox Diode Laser helps to cut tissue faster, more accurate and painlessly.

– Metal free zirconia implants by The Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant for patients with allergies to metals or with a preference to metal free implants.

– Zirconia crowns by Emax with durable titanium for patients requiring toughness without giving up the natural look.

– All on four and All on six  by Nobel BioCare allows for a full mouth restoration that it is less invasive, cost efficient and with a shorter treatment time.



Dr Eduardo Crookes is a speaker for NobelBio Care, a prestigious manufacturer of implants.

He is also a tutor in implant surgery and prosthesis and lectures at conferences about implantology and immediate loading implants.

Dr Crookes is the founder of Crooke Academy where he delivers a Master´s course in Implantology together with other lecturers with over 30 years’ experience.

Dr Eduardo Crooke has achieved many awards during the course of his practice as a dentist, appearing in television, radio and newspapers.

He received a gold medal of Scientific Merit for his professional trajectory by the General Dental Council in Malaga in 2012 and another gold medal for promoting scientific improvement in dentistry in 2014, also by the General Dental Council in Malaga.


He is a member of the General Dental Council in the UK (reg.number 262859) and was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Malaga Dentists’ College.

Dr Eduardo Crooke has dental clinics on three exclusive locations on the Costa del Sol: Marbella, Malaga and Churriana and 3 in Scotland, Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow. Each centre is equipted with state of the art technology and a highly trained team of professionals dentists. They use the latest techniques and procedures to offer patients painless treatments with faster and long term results.

  • Crooke & Laguna Dental Clinic in Marbella
  • Crooke & Laguna Dental Clinic in Málaga
  • Crooke & Laguna Dental Clinic in Churriana
  • Old Town Dental Care in Aberdeen
  • Smile Tech Dental Clinic in Dundee
  • Coming soon, 3Step Smile Dental Clinic in Glasgow.

All our clinics operate with the 3Step Smile methodology, which has been developed during many years of research and development with the experience of all our specialized dentists and the prosthesis team. Along with the most advanced technology and trained in the latest techniques in dentistry, we apply it to our treatments of dental implants, cosmetics and orthodontics. It achieves better and faster results by taking full control and digitizing the entire process. All our treatments begin with the design phase of the smile, in which we involve the patient to decide the appearance of the smile and thus guarantee satisfaction. This methodology has also helped to control the cost of production and reduce the number of visits to the clinic, which saves money on high quality dental treatments.



All Crooke clinics ethos are based in business practices that are socially responsible by sponsoring many areas of Malaga’s Community. Some of them are listed below

We support a healthy lifestyle and our team participates in different sports activities to strengthen the team spirit.

Dr. Eduardo Crooke Gonzalez de Aguilar qualified for Ironman in Hawaii training hard for more than six months in the triathlon test in Germany, a very tough test of more than 9 hours.