Crooke & Laguna The Professional Staff  At This Dental Clinic Are Specialists In  All Types Of Dental Implants And Treatments Aimed To Make Smiles Last Many Years Or Recover Their Former  Splendour.

Nowadays we are living in the dental implant era and nobody thinks twice about replacing lost teeth. The task, judging by the amount of offers on the market, can seem a simple one yet in many cases this isn’t so. Bad diagnosis and/or incorrect planning of treatments can result in disastrous results. The techniques used, the surgeon’s hands and having a reliable dental technician are key to a successful result.

All this becomes particularly important when work is being done on front teeth as they are the most visible ones in a smile. A failure in this area results in complicated tissue regeneration techniques having to be employed to try and return the mouth to as similar as possible a state as before teeth were lost and this is often an almost impossible mission. Another thing to bear in mind is that when work is to be done on front teeth the smile as a whole must be evaluated and decisions made on whether additional plastic surgery to the gums, porcelain veneers or whitening treatments will be needed.

Every area of orthodontics should be brought in to create a vision of the smile as a whole.

Here we present a case that came to us of a badly fitted central incisor implant. It had been placed too high up, resulting in destruction of the bone and gum and a pink ceramic piece was used, something inadmissible in a young woman’s smile. The implant had to be removed, work done to regenerate bone and gum before a new implant was put in place and complemented with porcelain veneers on adjacent teeth. The second case is that of a patient who had had various composite veneers fitted but had failed to achieve the results she was looking for.

The teeth and lips were noticeably out of harmony so we proposed increasing the size of the dental pieces and marking the curve of her smile. Composites were replaced with porcelain veneers to give a more natural look and a shine to the smile, achieving an unbeatable look.