Implants for patients with bone loss

Zygomatic Implants

They are longer implants than usual (45-55 mm versus 10-15 mm of conventional implants) that are anchored a little higher than conventional implants, in the zygomatic bone. This treatment is indicated for patients without teeth in the upper jaw.

When is it recommended?

  • When there is severe bone resorption of the upper jaw.
  • In patients who have been without teeth for many years or who have suffered aggressive periodontal disease.
  • To avoid bone grafts from other donor sites.

Two types of treatments:

  1. Patients who still have some bone in the frontal part of the maxillary bone: 4 implants are placed in the anterior area of the upper jaw and 2 zygomatic implants in the posterior area.

  2. Patients with total resorption of the maxilla: 4 zygomatic implants are placed, 2 in the anterior position and 2 more posterior to join them all together.

During the procedure, the patient is awake and very relaxed thanks to local anesthesia and conscious sedation in our office, without the need for hospitalization.

24 hours after the surgery, a temporary fixed prosthesis is anchored on the newly placed implants.

Custom Titanium Mesh

By means of a Computerized Axial Tomography (CT) and an intraoral scan, we build a customized titanium mesh that is anchored to the patient’s little bone, allowing the teeth to be fixed on the same day of the surgery.

Also called subperiosteal implant, the mesh is unique and totally adapted to the surface of the jawbone/jaw and guarantees a good hold of the 5 mm micro fixations.

This treatment is an alternative to zygomatic implants when these are inadvisable for specific reasons, an example of which is when the sinus is occupied by respiratory tract infections or sinusitis.


It is recommended to avoid other treatments with long recovery times, such as bone grafts, in which the bone needs to regenerate before another intervention for the placement of implants.

  • Safer and less invasive surgery, accelerating the healing process.
  • Solution with fixed teeth even when the zygomatic bone is diminished.
  • Fast treatment as it does not require bone grafts or maxillary sinus movements.

Fast treatment

The custom mesh can be fixed 2 weeks after the CT scan (fabrication time). The provisional teeth are placed in the same surgery as the custom mesh fixation, so the patient gets a quick solution.

Three months later, once the custom mesh has been properly adjusted, the provisional teeth are replaced by the definitive ones.

Short Implants

Without a tooth, the natural root is replaced by a short implant (8 mm or less) prefabricated in titanium.

When are they used?

Short implants are used when regular implants (10mm or more) are not advisable due to bone resorption. This avoids grafting and possible complications such as damage to sensitive anatomical structures: nerves, sinuses, etc.


  • Fast bone healing as with regular-size implants.
  • Reduces time and avoids bone grafting.
  • Minimization of post-treatment medical problems.

    Bone grafts

    Guided bone regeneration treatment is used when there is insufficient bone available for implant placement.

    This may be due to the fact that it has been a long time since the loss of teeth or because of previous infections that have destroyed the bone.

    To recover part of the lost bone, we resort to autografts, taking the patient’s own bone from other areas of the mouth; or xenografts (bone from other species such as cow, pig or horse) with collagen membranes.

    The time required for this treatment is about 6 months longer than the conventional treatment.

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