Navigated surgery

Navigated surgery for dental implants

Navigated surgery for oral implantology is the equivalent of using the GPS screen when driving. This technology allows us to connect the planning done on the computer with the patient’s mouth in real time. In other words, it helps us to have greater precision in our surgery.

  • Clinically proven: significantly improved accuracy compared to freehand implant placement
  • 3-4 times more accurate compared to other dynamic systems
  • Allows direct visualization of the surgical site at all times, even in patients with limited mouth opening

Frequently Asked Questions about Navigated Surgery

How is the whole process of the navigated surgery?

First of all, the patient must be scanned with a special device placed in his mouth, which will allow us to interrelate the planning made on the scanner with the patient’s bone on which we are working in real time. This leads to a much more accurate result than any type of technology used so far in oral surgery, since our implant will be placed perfectly in the position, angulation and depth that we have previously planned with an accuracy of 99%.

What are the advantages for the patient?

As we have said before, precision is its main characteristic, so we will avoid risks such as possible injury to the dental nerve, damage to the maxillary sinus, bone perforation or injury to teeth next to our implants.

Another advantage is that the intervention becomes more comfortable as it is a very controlled surgery that will help us to almost not open the gum, and in extreme cases we can avoid making grafts and have a maximum use of the available bone. In other words, it is a minimally invasive method.

Until now, what most helped us to be precise was guided surgery, but this required planning and fabrication of a guide that we had to wait for a few days. With navigation, surgery can be performed immediately, without waiting for anything to be manufactured.

For what type of surgeries is it indicated?

In fact, the ideal is to use it for all types of interventions, since in simple implants we ensure the perfect three-dimensional placement of the implant, and in complex cases it helps us to be able to perform them successfully and without risk to the patient. It will make the surgery faster and safer, which in cases of rehabilitations is especially beneficial for the patient.

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