cost dental implants

Why is there such a variety of prices for dental implants?

There are as many types of dental implants as there are clinical cases, also there are a lot of brands that manufacture dental implants with different screw format, length and quality.

One cannot be sure of the exact cost until each case is looked at with detail. Usually the lowest price is given when advertising dental implants on the internet. This is the reason why after the initial consultation, prices usually go up 20%.

Another thing to consider when determining the cost of dental implants is the surgeon performing the operation. Obviously there will be added costs the more experience he or she has, the lower percentage he or she has to failure and the technology used on the procedure. It is not the same performing surgery manually than with navigated surgery with GPS technology.

Why does all this matter?

Dental implants are a definitive solution that it is fixed to replace the function of a natural tooth and to rehabilitate a  full arch of teeth. You want to make sure the best materials are used on the process so it really is a long lasting dental treatment.

The better the surgeon, the best chance you will have for a succesful procedure. You want to make sure you research about the team as much as you can and ask them all the questions you might have. You can read about our leading surgeon here and feel free to ask any questions by calling us or sending us an email

The technology matters as it increases the abilities even further of the surgeon you choose. Computer controlled printing will guarantee the exact fit of your new teeth, navigated surgery by GPS, XGUIDE, will increase the chances of a succesfull surgery and the materials you use for your teeth will determine the duration and the bite functionality of your new smile.

Every little helps to the final result and when it comes to your health it means a lot more than cosmetic, it is not just a smile, it is function, speech, bite and duration.

Is Crooke Laguna the answer?

We are one of a few specialised dental clinics, we are not the only ones neither we pretend to be. Are we the answer? We like to think so but it really is up to you. We always encourage our patients to come to the clinic and meet our team. We have the passion for perfection and all of our clinics have the latest technology there is in the market. We are always training and each of the doctors specialised in their own fields. We sit together and discuss your case to give you the best solution for your needs.

Our passion goes even further and we provide second opinions to any patient that request it and  we have groups in social networks to answer any questions.

How does this new technology XGUIDE at Crooke Laguna saves on the cost of dental implants?

The technology allow us to use all the bone that it is available avoiding the need to preform bone grafts. The nanometric precision of this computer is so precise the chances of failure are so minimum, thus reducing the risks and its complications of performing further surgery.

It is also much faster and comfortable for the patient, saving time and visits to all the parties involved. Patients  find it difficult to commit to all the usual required visits when performing oral rehabilitation. With this technology we reduce the visits and the time on the clinic considerably.

And as an added bonus the recovery time after this procedure is so little, most of our patients can go back to work in the next 24-48 hours after surgery. This is also important with work commitments.

If you want to know more about this technology you can read about XGUIDE here