We travel to South Korea to take part in Megagen´s annual simposium

The month of May has become an intense one for professionals at Crooke & Laguna. Besides the organisation of several seminars and the attendance to national conferences, some of our professionals also embarked in a new adventure as they travelled to South Korea for the celebration of the Megagen World Symposium.

Doctors Eduardo Crooke, Rosa G. Laguna and Félix Wucherpfennig were invited to Seoul over the first days of May. It was the perfect opportunity to get in touch with other specialists in implantology and discover the newest techniques used by the major implant brand.

The fifteenth edition of the congress was a return to normality, as it had been two years since Megagen had held its last annual symposium due to the pandemic situation. The meeting took place over several days, combining presentations by some of the attendees with other leisure activities. Our doctors were thus able to enter into the culture of the Asian country and discover not only the innovations that are being carried out in South Korea, but also the culture and tradition of a country in continuous growth.

The importance of knowing how they work in other countries

Eduardo Crooke, owner of Crooke & Laguna alongside Rosa, talked about the importance of attending the event, which is organised on an annual basis since 2002.

“It is crucial to us to keep learning every day as well as train our team with the latest digital technique. This way, we are sure we can give long time solutions to our patients. We think coming to Seoul has been a rewarding experience. We are extremely happy. The trip has been amazing and Megagen has been a great host”.


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