Dr. Rosa Gómez Laguna graduated in Dentistry from the University of Seville in June 1999, where she also obtained the title of Director of X-ray installations (Fidotec SL, approved by the Nuclear Safety Council).

After finishing the degree she obtained an Intercampus scholarship that gave her the opportunity to travel to Argentina where she collaborated with the University of Córdoba in the research work “Marginal microfiltration in endodontic access cavities”, presented at the Annual Meeting of the IADR (Argentine division) in the city of Mar de Plata (Buenos Aires), and whose abstracts were published in the Dental Journal Research of the special issue of March 2000.

She returned to Spain and decided to specialize in Periodontics at the Institute of Dental Microsurgery of Barcelona, and in Implants by the University of Göteborg during the years 2000 to 2002.

After this she settled in Córdoba as a specialist in these areas, but love made her move to Malaga with her current husband and co-worker Dr. Eduardo Crooke. As a complement to periodontal and implant treatments, she decided to specialize in dental aesthetics with Drs. Radigales and Rábago in Madrid in 2004.

Dra. Rosa Gómez Laguna

Dental Implants, Prosthetics and Aesthetics

She shares with her husband the passion for the profession and the illusion of investing in new technologies as well as continuing to form in the continuous advances that are being generated in this profession.

Techniques and suppliers

Her pillars at work are quality along with the close treatment of the patient. For her, work means enjoying returning the smile of patients.