Single implants and bridges

What are single implants?

Single implants consist in the placement of a prefabricated titanium root in the site where there is an absence of teeth, replacing the natural root of the same. It is a simple and painless technique, in the case of patients who suffer a lot of anxiety or complex rehabilitations, conscious sedation can be used.

  • Helps to preserve jawbone and soft tissues.
  • Prevents facial atrophy that derives from toothe loss.
  • Improves the aesthetics of the smile.
  • Increases comfort and self-esteem.

Phases of Single Implant Treatment

1. Planificación y estudio de la sonrisa

For implant placement, the case is first studied and planned. Diagnostic tests are performed in the clinic, which consist of taking scans, photographs and recording digital models.

Dental scanner and digital models

With the dental scanner we measure lengths, volumes and densities in order to choose the exact size of the implant. The digital model records allow us to interlace the radiographic image with the real image of the patient’s mouth.


Intraoral and extraoral photographs to study the case in depth and to be able to see the prosthetic space and measure the esthetics to be achieved in order to place the implants in the ideal position.



El implante se coloca mediante una sencilla cirugía, que en muchos casos será navegda. Somos pioneros en la colocación de estos implantes por cirugía navegada en toda Europa, este tipo de cirugía es muy precisa y mínimamente invasiva, por lo que la recuperación es rápida.

The final smile

Finally you will get a tooth that mimics the natural tooth, that feels and functions like a natural tooth. This will preserve your jaw bone, chewing functions and significantly improve the aesthetics of your mouth.

What are implant bridges?

In areas where two or more teeth are missing, two or more implants can be used to replace more than three teeth. Depending on the area to rehabilitate and the size of the implants, it will be necessary to place a greater or lesser number of implants.

In the anterior areas we can use two implants to rehabilitate three or four teeth, but in the posterior areas, being the area of maximum load in mastication, a greater number of implants is preferable.


What to do when several teeth are missing?

In order to make a fixed bridge, the teeth adjacent to the area of the missing tooth must be ground down. This involves a loss of enamel and an increased risk of suffering irritation of the nerve of the tooth and consequently, having to perform a root canal.

In cases where a large number of teeth have been lost, there are only two alternatives: removable prostheses or implants.

In these cases, the advantage of implants is clear, since in addition to being able to have fixed teeth, they help us to have a better chewing function and better esthetics.

It is important to point out that when we place implants we favor the maintenance of the bone, however, when we use fixed bridges or removable prostheses, this bone decreases with the passage of time, making it difficult to place implants in the future.



It is more comfortable and feels more natural than a fixed bridge.



Better aesthetics by better preserving bone and gum volume.



Keeping adjoining parts intact.



Better chewing function and therefore better digestion.

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