Teeth whitening

blanqueamiento dental

The ideal for a whiter and brighter smile is to combine two methods of whitening: at home and at the clinic.

Whitening in the clinic involves 1 session of approximately 90 minutes. Before the protection of the gingiva, we apply hydrogen peroxide on the teeth that is activated with a special light. We always recommend completing whitening in the clinic with home bleaching, in order to obtain more stable results in the long term.

Home bleaching is done by splints tailored to the patient’s mouth (thus avoiding damage to the gums) that are used with a specific gel based on carbamide peroxide. With this product we use in our clinic is enough with 1-3 hours a day for 3-10 days (depending on the whitening gel that we select). It is important that before performing a tooth whitening the gingiva is healthy and does not have any caries, because we run the risk of aggravate a gum problem or generating pulpitis (inflammation of the nerve) in the teeth with caries. That is why whitening should always be performed under the supervision of a dentist.

Frequent questions

The products that are offered in the market, are supplied in a standard way and do not fit the case of each patient. This may cause the result to be non-regular, causing gingival irritation or other undesirable effects. Only the professionals can provide a treatment tailored to each patient correctly.
It will depend on the dietary habits of each patient, as well as the quality of the hygiene care.
A “reminder treatment” can be done at home with syringes every 18 months. The product at the clinic is more aggressive, it is recommended to be repeated every 4 years approximately.
It does not affect the enamel, but the abuse of bleaching techniques can lead to problems with teeth sensitivity, root resorptions or pulpitis (inflammation of the nerve).
It can be done on those patients over 18 and there is no maximum age, although in younger patients the results are better.
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