Dental crowns or Caps

What is a dental crown or cap?

Dental crowns or caps are porcelain pieces that cover the tooth in its entirety in order to protect it from fracture when it is very deteriorated or to recover the anatomy lost due to wear and tear. They also help us to improve dental aesthetics, although whenever the tooth allows it, we will opt for veneers in order to be more conservative in our treatment.

  • Improves dental aesthetics.
  • Recover the lost anatomy.
  • Improves chewing.
  • Protects damaged teeth.

When are dental crowns used?

coronas - endodoncia


Endodontic teeth with great dental destruction that require protection with a cover to prevent fracture.

coronas - bruxismo


Teeth with severe wear due to diseases like bruxism.

coronas - erosion


Teeth with acid erosion due to gastroesophageal reflux or other eating disorders.

coronas - periodontales

Gum disease

Periodontal teeth that need to be splinted and require cosmetic improvement.

Phases of dental crown treatment

1. Planning and study of the smile

The treatment of crowns is indicated when the dental piece is very damaged and needs a protective cover.

In order to achieve the best fit, we perform all our prosthesis with digital procedures, from the impression taking with intraoral scanners to the design and milling of the piece in lithium disilicate or zirconium.

tratamiento dental

2. Execution of treatment

At the time of the treatment, anesthesia is administered for dental preparation, and once this preparation is finished, a provisional crown is placed. With this provisional crown the tooth is protected, the esthetics of the smile is checked and we make sure that the anatomy is comfortable and functional. Once all the checks have been made, you will be given an appointment where we will place the definitive crown.

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