What do our patients think?

At Crooke & Laguna we are as proud of our work as our patients with the result of it. The dedication of our team combined with the cutting-edge technology that we use in our treatments achieves excellent results. We created this section on our website in order to share the feedback of patients who, thanks to their treatment at Crooke & Laguna, could experience an improvement in their quality of life.

  • Improvement in the quality of life and aesthetics of the smile.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Improved general health and well-being.
Full Mouth Dental Implant

Anne Marie

“I feel like I’m back to my own natural teeth… As soon as I was handed the mirror I said WOW”

What are you waiting for to change your life?

If you have missing teeth or suffer from other dental problems that do not let you enjoy life and your smile as you would like to, at Crooke & Laguna dental clinic we will give you a solution.

Dental implants and zirconia crowns


“I’m very happy with my treatment, I think Crooke’s been very professional”

Dental Implants and fixed teeth in 2 hours


“Amazing, I came at 9 o’clock and I was going out at 3 o’clock with 2 hours break with the implant put in and the temporary covers for the implants. So it literally took about 2 hours”