Digital Smile Design (DSD)

At Dental Clinic Crooke & Laguna we have incorporated the concept of Digital SmileDesign (DSD). The DSD is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding patient, who can preview the treatment that we are going to make in his mouth and suggest the desired modifications.

An interdisciplinary team of professionals is essential for the success of the treatment. The ideal aesthetic result depends on team work, collaborating with the different specialties according to the needs of each case.

Diagnostic data should guide the subsequent phases of the treatment and incorporate all the needs, desires and functional and biological aspects of the patient in an aesthetic treatment design. Digital SmileDesign improves communication between dentist and patient.

Digital SmileDesign or DSD allows careful analysis, through photographs and video, of the patient’s facial and dental characteristics. With the records taken, we can understand the relationship of the moving face, lips, teeth and gums. By improving the appearance of the smile through digital recontouring, it is possible to transfer this information to the patient’s mouth.

DSD Advantages:

  • Study in depth of all the details to correct.
  • Custom design of the size and dental shape most suitable for the patient.
  • Better communication between the work team for a complete planning.
  • Project preview to properly guide the treatment


aesthetic design smile marbella

1.- Smile before treatment / 2.- Plaster model

digital smile design

3.- Digital planning / 4.- Analog model with corrected teeth

digital smile design final

5.- Final Result Digital Smile Desing

Aesthetic Composites

When a caries or fracture occurs in an anterior tooth we have to seek the maximum aesthetics when it comes to restore it. To do this, we can not use the same composites as to restore a caries of a posterior tooth because with molars, the most important thing is resistance, although always has to be aesthetically good,  but with incisors and canines, the most important thing is to “not being noticed”so the composite must have special fluorescence and polishing characteristics. We will, also, have to resort to the use of makeup to give the tooth texture and special polishing systems to achieve high gloss and avoid subsequent staining of these fillings due to tobacco, coffee, red wine, tea …

With aesthetic composites we can also restore the aesthetics of the previous sector by making veneers. This treatment is faster than porcelain veneers and requires less carving, but it dyes more with food and has some limitations in extensive restorations. We also work with preformed composite veneers that adapt to the dental surface and modify the color or shape of the tooth. It is a cheaper alternative to porcelain veneers.

CAD/CAM System

sistema cad cam

At Crooke & Laguna Dental Clinic, we are committed to technology for greater accuracy and aesthetics in treatments, incorporating the latest instruments and advances.

What is CAD-CAM?

CAD-CAM means assisted design and computer-made.

This sophisticated mechanism incorporates scanners and computer programs that allow the design of 3D pieces with great accuracy and with the added benefit of being able to save the files and recover them in case of breakage.

Phases of treatment:

  • Digital impression of the patient’s mouth.
  • Computer design of the prosthesis.
  • Mechanical milling of the prosthesis supervised by the professional.
  • Definitive placement in the mouth.


  • Digital printout (avoids taking measurements with cuvettes).
  • Prosthetics made by computer.
  • Maximum accuracy, quality and fit on all parts.
  • Crown finished in 24 hours.
  • The number of patient visits to the clinic is decreased (faster treatment).