Dental implants are the best solution for those who are missing teeth. It is a procedure that, with proper oral maintenance, can last a lifetime and restore confidence in your smile.

At Crooke & Laguna, Dr. Eduardo Crooke González de Aguilar and Dr. Rosa Gómez Laguna, specialists in implantology, oral surgery, and periodontics, with over 20 years of experience, lead and coordinate the practice´s implant area.


If you believe this treatment is what you need, keep in mind that it is our team of implantologists who will determine whether this dental procedure is suitable for you after conducting a personalized diagnosis based on the following tests:

  • Dental Scan: A three-dimensional real-size image of the patient’s mouth. We measure lengths, volumes, and densities to accurately choose the implant size without damaging any anatomical and/or nervous structure. At Crooke & Laguna, we have state-of-the-art radiological equipment so that the patient does not have to go to another center for these diagnostic tests.
  • Intraoral and extraoral photographs: to study the case in depth, visualize the prosthetic space, and measure the aesthetics that need to be achieved.
  • Digital model records: for the study of the prosthetic space and the design of future teeth.


There are different types of implant treatments depending on each patient. Here are further details about the procedures we perform at Crooke & Laguna:

Single Implants


It is titanium root placed in the location where teeth are missing, replacing the natural root. It is a simple and painless technique that prevents facial atrophy resulting from tooth loss, improves smile aesthetics, and enhances comfort and self-esteem

Full Oral Rehabilitation Over Regular Implants


This dental treatment is recommended for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth. In these cases, several dental implants are placed in the maxilla, acting as artificial roots to support a dental prosthesis.

Full Oral Rehabilitation Over Zygomatic Implants


This procedure is indicated for patients with severe bone loss in the upper jaw. In these cases, a type of implant longer than usual is used, anchored in the zygomatic bone (higher than conventional implants).

Customized Mesh


It is an alternative to zygomatic implants when they are not recommended for specific reasons, such as sinus infections. Also called subperiosteal implant, the mesh is unique and completely adapted to the surface of the maxilla/jaw and ensures good fixation of 5 mm micro-fixations.

If you think you need dental implant treatment, you can schedule an appointment at our clinic. Our professionals will provide you with a personalized diagnosis and explain which procedure is most suitable for you.


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