Story and testimony of our patient Peter

Peter’s teeth had always been troublesome and he couldn’t remember the last time he had a “nice” experience with a dentist

Peter had had fillings over the years, several root canals, and even a handful of extractions. Ultimately, his deteriorating dental health – periodontal disease and four broken teeth – had started to give him headaches and discomfort while eating.

He consulted three dentists, who agreed that the way forward was expensive and complicated. None of the dentists he spoke to gave him confidence, so another year passed without Peter finding a solution due to uncertainty and covid restrictions.

When he finished his treatment at Crooke & Laguna Peter wrote us this letter, intending to share it, for others like him to see and step forward to change their lives forever.

This is his story

“Early in 2021 I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Crooke,

Having lived on the Costa del Sol for close to thirty years, the name Crooke unconsciously put me off for a while. However, having read several testimonials and online details of the surgery they offered, I kept coming back to them until finally I pulled the trigger (poured a drink and made a call).

From the initial examination (no cost) to the final procedure, the entire team in Malaga has been exceptionally professional, courteous and conscientious. Virginia was my point of contact and she went out of the way to ensure that things were explained – before, during and afterwards, even to the point of checking in on me the day after surgery.

I required a root scaling as the first procedure which I was dreading. The last one I had had left me on painkillers for MONTHS! The young ladies who performed my root scaling over two separate days, were excellent. My faith in the dental industry was slowly being restored.

Felix was very good at dental work and again took the time to answer my many questions. His assistant Enrique was also very patient with me.”

Surgical phase of treatment

Dr. Eduardo Crooke performed the implant placement the implants and as to be expected by now, was professional, considerate and fast. Surgery:Removal of 7 teeth including all wisdoms and placement of 4 implants.Immediately after surgery I had the sensation of the new implants meeting together when closing mouth – this is just an illusion of feelings from your remaining teeth is ‘moved’.

I started surgery at around 12:15 and it lasted circa 1.5 hours. By 20:30 the same day I could feel the tightening of the gums where the stitches were. In real terms, still no pain just a different ache to that of my jaw. At 21:30 I took a 400mg ibuprofen.

I woke up early and got rid of the last bits of blood. There was minor swelling on the right bottom jaw where Eduardo cleaned out some serious infection. My jaw still aches a little, but on the whole very comfortable overall. I had breakfast and rinsed my mouth to keep it clean.

Over the next week, the gums continued to heal well. The bottom left jaw remained clean whilst the lower right showed a little white substance on top of the gum which I kept cleaning off. Aside from slight tenderness on the gums, everything else remained very comfortable. One or two of the stitches/threads came out, but as there was no bleeding or sign of an issue, I did not contact the dentist.

I had started on amoxilina 2 days prior to surgery and continued for 5 days afterwards. Other than the previously mentioned 400mg ibuprofen, no other medication was taken. I chose to remain on soft food for the entire time prior to the removal of the stitches. I indulged in a Chinese meal, which I chopped up finely so I could get the flavour without having to chew. The food was sufficiently small so that I could just swallow it.”

Placement of temporary crowns

“It was time to remove the stitches and check on the implants, so I thought. I received a text to change my appt time so they could do the upper jaw temporary teeth. This final comment did not register in my brain as I was busy at work.

I arrived and was retold that I was having the temporary crowns on the upper jaw done. At this point I realized that it was not going to be a quick in and out visit. Felix and his assistant ground down all remaining teeth and set 15 crowns. This took lots of injections to numb the area and then several more as I could still feel the cold water. The grinding is not painful and after a while you get used to the smell and the sound. Within 2 hours all temporaries were in place.

The teeth felt huge at first, probably because the lips and gums were still numb. The concrete paste remains a little on my palate, but I am quickly getting used to it. There is a sensation that the teeth are going to move, but they appear to be well fixed.
No pain from the two canines which were candidates for root canal treatment. So far so good.

A new week and another 8 temporary crowns. More lidocaine for the lower jaw and then a few more injections (since I could still feel the cold). Within an hour the provisionals were in place and I was ready to walk out the door. More gel for the gums was proffered – and taken. At home I took 500mg paracetamol and 400mg of ibuprofen, as I had done previously.

I slept for a couple of hours and then had a bowl of soup. The following morning there was minimal soreness or irritation and the issue with the tooth on the upper jaw seems to be fixed.”

Checkups and continuation of the treatment

“The following week, the temporary crowns to be removed and the teeth tested without anesthesia for pain and sensitivity.We arrived on time and were in good spirits as this was scheduled to be a quick in and out visit of about an hour. Felix and Enrique explained that they would ‘pop out’ the temporary crowns, run the sensitivity test and then reaffix the temporaries.

Getting the teeth out turned into a little adventure as the cement did not want to break and a small hammer was required to release the bottom arch. The sensitivity test was over within seconds and they moved onto the upper arch.

The sensitivity test was done on my upper jaw and I was diagnosed with the need for 3 or 4 root canals. Oh, joy of joys! This was scheduled for the following week.

The upper temporaries were cut into 3 sections before being replaced. This was done so that the root canals could be done in sections without having to remove the entire arch. One of the things I found that I suffered with most – suffered is the wrong word – niggled me most was the following days when my mouth was sore from being open for extended periods of time and the injection sites which ached for a few days each time. Hence the decision to put off the aforementioned root canals for another week.

I had been ill-prepared for today’s visit and felt worse for wear by the end. In an attempt to explain my nervousness of visiting dentists, I sent a YouTube clip of Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier in the film Marathon Man to Virginia to show Felix. It sums up my overall feelings prior to visiting the dentist. The anticipation is often worse than the treatment. Unfortunately, some of the treatment lives up to the anticipation. I understand that sometimes, we have to go through certain procedures in order to improve things for the future. It doesn’t mean that I have to enjoy them.”

Placement of definitive crowns and end of treatment

“The temporary crowns came off without a problem, we had a ten minute break half way and within a 2.5 hours it was all over. The Articain works a million times better for me and I was very pleased that we had decided to go with it.

The whole week since my last visit has been remarkably painless. My only issue is being overprotective of my crowns. The cement used to replace the crowns was not as strong as the first time and I ‘feel’ that I can feel the difference.

We stopped for a snack on the way home as we were starving hungry. This could have been a bit of a mistake as although the clue/cement had cured and some of the crowns moved due to the gums not being completely tight on the teeth following the insertions. I would recommend waiting at least 24 hours before taking a bite out of anything substantial, because pushing your new teeth back into place is not a pleasant experience. It’s not painful, but you do visualize the dollars signs flashing just in case you have to have the crowns refitted.

So, here we are a few days after the final teeth have been placed and my mouth is starting to work out where it needs to be. Due to the number of teeth in my mouth my jaw had to ‘relearn’ how to chew.

Due to an unscheduled meeting I needed to cancel my check-up 10 days after the final placement. Had I have had the check-up I would have asked for one of the molars to be filed down a little as it kept catching. However, as another week has since passed, my jaw/teeth/chewing motions have regularized, and this will no longer be necessary.

An interesting side effect of this entire procedure has been that since my overbite was slightly increased, my bottom jaw has also moved forward a little. This has caused my ‘double chin’ to slightly disappear due to the new alignment.”

Overall, the experience with Dr. Crooke and the clinic team was unforgettable. I will recommend them to everyone who has a crisis with their teeth. They have definitely changed my life!

From Clínica Dental Crooke & Laguna we want to thank you Peter, for this wonderful story. If you feel identified with Peter’s problems and want to start a dental recovery journey, do not hesitate to contact us at this link, we will help you to smile again.