The event was attended by numerous professionals from the dental sector

We tell you all about Crooke & Laguna Dental Clinic Training Days! Although in Crooke & Laguna we have thirty years of experience in the dental world, we like to be in continuous learning. That is why last April we decided to bring together our more than sixty employees with the aim of promoting teamwork and encourage the use and development of the latest digital techniques used in the sector.


Crooke & Laguna is always committed to training.

The team building took place over two days at the Uppery Club Guadalmar business hub.

On the afternoon of April 21, our team was received by Dr. Eduardo Crooke González de Aguilar and Dr. Rosa Gómez Laguna, who thanked the effort of all attendees to participate in the event and greeted the new members of the company. This year Crooke Dental has opened clinics in  Gibraltar and Alicante, so the meeting was essential to promote labor relationships between all workers.

After reviewing the trajectory of the clinic, we gave way to the talk by the speaker and consultant in the area of human resources for business, Pío Salvador, who delved into the need for self-knowledge and communication as keys to teamwork.


On April 22 we had the participation of the dental prosthesis laboratory Dentalesthetic and its brand of technological innovation Medicalfit, focused on the search for simple, safe and efficient solutions for patients who need to undergo a complete oral rehabilitation procedure.

The team of Pedro Perales, technical director and administrator of the firm, focused on explaining the new products and protocols they work with. 


An enriching and necessary meeting.

“The organization of this meeting was born from the need to unify criteria, establish protocols and work methodology, and share the ideas of all team members. Not only the digital makes us better, but also the establishment of personal ties between all of us,” said Eduardo Crooke. “At Crooke we always try to make our patients’ experience the best from the moment they arrive at the clinic until they leave. That is why we always try to improve in the reception area, cabinet, and follow-up of our patients over time”, added our implantology expert.



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