<strong>Dr. Eduardo Crooke Glez. de Aguilar</strong>
Dr. Eduardo Crooke Glez. de AguilarDental Implants, Prosthetics and Aesthetics
Dr Eduardo Crooke is specialized in dental implants with more than 15 years experience, having placed over 10,000 implants and approximately 2000 prosthesis.
He is registered in the General Dental Council, both in the UK and Malaga and has received two gold medals for his professional trajectory and his cientific advances in dentistry.
He is co-founder of Crooke & Laguna Dental Clinics in Marbella and Malaga and of Crooke Academy.
<strong>Dr. Rosa Gómez Laguna</strong>
Dr. Rosa Gómez LagunaImplantology, periodontics and dental aesthetics
Dr. Rosa Gómez Laguna, co-director of the Crooke & Laguna Dental Clinic, specialist in different areas of dentistry such as Periodontics (gum problems), Oral Implantology and Dental Esthetics. Click on the image to know more.

Do you want to meet the rest of the team?

Next we introduce you to the Doctors of Crooke & Laguna dental clinic, patient care, hygienists and auxiliary team.

Dentists at Crooke & Laguna Dental Clinic

<strong>Dr. María González Orta</strong>
Dr. María González OrtaOrthodontics
<strong>Dr. Carmen López Laserna</strong>
Dr. Carmen López Laserna General and aesthetic dentistry
<strong>Dr. Jennifer Gutierrez Otero</strong>
Dr. Jennifer Gutierrez Otero Orthodontics
<strong>Dr. Carmen Cuadros Gallegos</strong>
Dr. Carmen Cuadros Gallegos General dentistry and prosthetics
<strong>Dr. Felix Wucherpfennig Price</strong>
Dr. Felix Wucherpfennig Price General dentistry and dental implants
<strong>Dr. Ricardo Recena Orlando</strong>
Dr. Ricardo Recena OrlandoDental implants and cosmetic dentistry
<strong>Dr. Javier Bravo</strong>
Dr. Javier BravoGeneral dentistry
<strong>Dra. Loreto Encinas Díaz</strong>
Dra. Loreto Encinas DíazInvisalign
<strong>Dr. Gisela Quirch Todescor</strong>
Dr. Gisela Quirch TodescorGeneral dentistry & orthodontic

Patient care at Crooke & Laguna

<strong>Miguel Ángel Sánchez</strong>
Miguel Ángel Sánchez Reception and accounting
<strong>Carmen Rueda</strong>
Carmen Rueda Reception and assistant
<strong>Irene López</strong>
Irene López Reception and accounting
<strong>Marta Moreno</strong>
Marta Moreno Reception and accounting
Estela Patient care
<strong>Hanae Morjani</strong>
Hanae Morjani Patient care
<strong>Christophe Ramírez</strong>
Christophe Ramírez Patient care

Hygienists and assistants at Crooke & Laguna

<strong>Loli Pelaez</strong>
Loli Pelaez Assistant
<strong>Cynthia Cáceres</strong>
Cynthia Cáceres Assistant
<strong>Lorena Fernández</strong>
Lorena Fernández Hygienist
<strong>Iris Pérez</strong>
Iris Pérez Assistant
<strong>Mercedes Ramos</strong>
Mercedes Ramos Hygienist
<strong>Raquel García</strong>
Raquel García Assistant

Marketing and communication

<strong>Tula Crooke</strong>
Tula CrookeCoordinator
<strong>Joel Hadida</strong>
Joel HadidaMarketing
<strong>Jenifer Palma Eaton</strong>
Jenifer Palma EatonDigital Marketing
<strong>Ignacio Blanc</strong>
Ignacio BlancOperations Manager