Periodontitis or gum disease can cause black spaces or pockets between the teeth. A simple way to rejuvenate the smile is to perform aesthetic reconstructions with composites, always adapted to the case of each patient.

When a cavity or fracture occurs in an anterior tooth, we must seek the maximum esthetics when it comes to restoring it. We cannot use the same composites as to restore a cavity of a posterior tooth, since in the molars the most important thing is resistance.

However, in the incisors and canines, the main thing is that ‘it is not noticeable’ and for this the composite must have special fluorescence and polishing characteristics. We will have to resort to the use of makeup to give texture to the tooth and polishing systems to achieve high gloss and avoid subsequent staining of these fillings due to tobacco, coffee, red wine, tea, etc.

With aesthetic composites we can also restore the aesthetics of the previous sector by making veneers. This treatment is faster than porcelain veneers and requires less carving, but it stains more with food and has some limitations on extensive restorations. We also work with preformed composite veneers that adapt to the tooth surface and modify the color or shape of the tooth. It is a cheaper alternative to porcelain veneers.