At Crooke & Laguna Dental Clinic we know that when we undergo a more invasive dental treatment such as surgery, grafting or similar, the first thing we want to know is how to recover quickly. That’s why we tell you Our Secret to a Quick Recovery after your treatment.

You may not have heard your dentist talk about Plasma Rich in Growth Factors, so in this post we want to offer you information about a technique that we have been using on our patients for quite some time now due to the many advantages it offers. This procedure is widely used not only in the dental field, but also in other branches of medicine due to the benefits it brings. In our case, the following stand out:

    • Acceleration of the recovery and healing process after undergoing a surgical treatment in the oral cavity.
    • Reduction of inflammation in the affected area.
    • Improved bone regeneration after tooth extraction.
    • Reduction of infection in smokers and diabetics.

This procedure consists of obtaining platelet and plasma proteins from the patient’s own blood minutes before surgery for the formation of a clot to be applied in the indicated area.


When do we use Plasma Rich in Growth Factors?

Our team of doctors at the Crooke & Laguna Clinic recommends the use of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors in the following cases, although the situation of each individual patient must always be taken into account:

  • In people undergoing surgery in which an implant is placed immediately after a dental extraction.
  • For cases in which the patient has undergone a complex extraction of a tooth and must wait for some time before having an implant.
  • In bone regeneration treatments.
  • In cystectomies or apicoectomy surgeries.

What is the process to obtain the plasma?

It is a fairly simple procedure, since it is performed from the patient’s own blood. To do this, the patient must undergo a blood draw at the clinic just prior to dental treatment. The blood is then placed in sterile tubes with sodium citrate and centrifuged for eight minutes in a dedicated machine. As a result of this centrifugation procedure, the platelets are separated from the red and white blood cells and a clot of plasma rich in growth factors is obtained, which is then placed in the affected area and sutured.


Results after the use of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

All Crooke & Laguna Clinic patients who have benefited from this technique have praised the results obtained, since their recovery process after surgery has been short and painless. In addition, one of the great advantages that stand out is the naturalness of the procedure, since, as we have explained above, it is performed from the patient’s own blood.

Other applications

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors stimulates the production of collagen. Therefore, we can also apply it on the patient’s face by means of a device specifically used in facial aesthetic treatments. The result is a juicy and glowing skin, as it delays skin aging. Plasma also helps us both to prepare the skin for summer sun exposure and to repair the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.

Many patients who come to Crooke & Laguna for dental treatment that requires the use of this technique, decide to use part of the plasma resulting from the blood collection and subsequent centrifugation to benefit from this procedure of facial aesthetics.

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