El 46% de los malagueños no acude al dentista por miedo, falta de tiempo o por el coste de los tratamientos.

With the end of summer, the good resolutions come back: quit smoking, join the gym, watch your diet… However, taking care of your oral health is usually left off the list. The reasons? At Crooke & Laguna we have asked our patients why they postpone their visit to the clinic before putting themselves in our hands and we have identified three main reasons. In this post we offer the solution for all of them.

According to our survey, fear is the main reason why patients avoid sitting in the dental chair. At Crooke & Laguna Dental Clinic we are aware of the anxiety that can cause some people to undergo dental treatment, so we have recently incorporated the technique of Painless Anesthesia, with which we aim to minimize the discomfort and stress in our patients.

But, what does it consist of?

It is a pencil-shaped instrument connected to a computer that releases microdoses of anesthesia very slowly. This avoids the pressure and consequent pain caused by the manual injection of anesthesia on the soft tissues and gums. By reducing the amount of anesthetic delivered, the numbing time of the cheek, tongue and lip after treatment is reduced.


Another of the reasons given by the people of Malaga for not attending their dental check-ups is the economic cost associated with the treatments. Our clinic, located at Paseo de la Farola 1, offers financing of up to five years without interest. In addition, our commitment to high quality materials means that the expense is not recurrent, since all treatments, performed with digital precision, have ample guarantees.

Finally, the people of Malaga point to the time they need to invest in each visit as an excuse for postponing their dental appointment. It is true that for many treatments the time required until now has been high. For this, the Crooke & Laguna Clinic also has a solution thanks to the incorporation of digitalized protocols that reduce the number of appointments required.

Crooke & Laguna’s multidisciplinary team, with more than ten years of experience, offers a detailed diagnosis at the first consultation. This is possible because the clinic has a Low Radiation Dental CT scan from which any problem can be detected and digitally start planning the treatment, which will be adapted to each case. No more having to refer the patient to a scanner center to be able to offer a diagnosis.


Crooke & Laguna’s commitment to 100% digital dentistry facilitates not only the planning, but also the execution of each treatment, achieving more precise, less invasive and better postoperative interventions.

This, combined with other methods such as Plasma Rich in Growth Factors, which aims to accelerate and improve the healing process, make the experience at the dentist much faster, more comfortable and satisfactory than years ago.

All the patients of the Crooke & Laguna Clinic who have benefited from this technique have praised the results obtained, since their recovery process after surgery has been shorter and more painless, in addition to achieving a better quality bone for the subsequent placement of implants. Another of the great advantages that stand out is the naturalness of the procedure, since it is performed from the patient’s own blood.

All this translates into a benefit for the patient, who sees how time is shortened, pain is reduced, healing is improved and the quality-price ratio increases. Leave excuses aside and go to any of their clinics located on the Costa del Sol to check the advantages of 100% digital dentistry.

Focus on smiling. We’ll take care of the rest.


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